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From your first point of contact our aim is to insure you will be fully confident in the service we will provide you. We will try to ascertain what service your rug requires and build a picture of the service we will provide you with . Provide you with a quote and a step by step process from the collection of your rug to the final delivery.

Red wine stain

Stain Removal

moth damage

Moth Damage

The nightmare of Moths !! We can restore fibres which have been eaten away , alter your rug by cutting and rebinding and also moth proof your rug to keep future infestation away.



We offer a free door side collection service within the London area.

We can also collect your rug from its original resting place and will quote accordingly taking all factors into consideration.



After receiving before and after pictures we will arrange free door side delivery of your Rug/s.

We can also return your Rug/s to their original position in your home . 


Stain Protection

We can help avoid those future permanent stains , applying a protective coating after cleaning to push away future spills and accidents from the Rug fibres.

We have over 30 years of experience in dealing with that stain that is stressing you out. Rest assured we will do everything we can to return your rug to you stain free.

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